Past Meetings


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Past Demonstration Summary



2016 – August Meeting


Meeting Reports:

One visitor.

Rob reminded everyone to join the AAW.  Dues increasing to $55/year single member, $60/year family.

Joan Lech said new Richard Raffan book.

Jim Brown said 68 members.

Rick Bryant still has some club T shirts, short and long sleeve.

MAWA symposium 24/25 Sept, weekend before club Sept meeting.  See News page for web site link.



Meeting Announcements:

Meals on Wheels need to confirm if still on for September.  Harry Pye will try and contact Michele Grasso.

Rob and Rick positions will be ending in Sept.  Rob has been President for 2 terms and now wants to have someone else take the role.  Normally the VP takes over, but Rick Bryant is leaving the area at the end of October so we need new folks to take over President and Vice President.  Names should be forwarded to Rob.  Election will be in the Sept meeting.



Perpetual Turning:

Taking a break.




Demonstrator was a last minute cancellation so no demonstration.  The group held a round table discussion of real-world safety related incidents/accidents. 


Show and Tell: