Past Meetings


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Past Demonstration Summary



2017 – February Meeting


Meeting Reports:

Reminder some member still need to pay 2017 dues.


New segmented turning book.


Tom Buchner trying to find a demonstrator for April/May all day demonstration.



Meeting Announcements:

Tylesport show March 10-12.  Jim looking for volunteers to setup and man the club table.


Question on “correct” angle for grinding tools.  No single correct answer.  Depends on the tool, the project and turner preference.  Some folks are able to get the Stuart Batty “40/40” grind to work, others still struggling with this configuration. 


Perpetual Turning:

3 lidded boxes made by Len Salines, won by Sean Carson.  The boxes were painted with chalk paint.  This covers very well in a single coat.




Andy Beal demonstrated turning a shallow square bowl. No pictures.  Lots of nuances like leaving the corners a little wider than the bowl when turned, so that when sanded, they will be even.  Turn corners first starting on the outside carefully working inwards.  Lots of air.

A lot of interest in the ring Andy used over his live centre.  A link to the Penn State site for this item.


Penn State Cup Center


Show and Tell:

No pictures.