Past Meetings


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Past Demonstration Summary



Past Meetings Demonstration Summary

2018 Demonstrations

January Sonny Jones Making a SegEasy style of table saw jig
February Jim Brown Pen turning 101
March Stihl company Use and maintenance of chainsaws
April Sean Carson Turning laying sticks
May Jim Brown Turning aluminium finials
June Sean Carson Home made tools and jigs for turning
July Tom Buchner Turning hollow forms
August No demonstrator Open discussion on how to sell your work
September Jim Brown Turning a lidded box
October Dave Paine A jig for turning threads on lidded boxes
November Harry Pye Turning bird house Xmas ornament
December No demonstrator Xmas gift exchange


















2017 Demonstrations

January Andy Beal Turning a shallow square bowl
February Bill Grumbine Turning a finial
March  Mike Kuterbach Off-axis turning with the Joyner Off-set jig
April  Rob Kingham and Butch Ruggiero Turning captive rings and beads
May  Sonny Jones Turning a “vortex” design segmented bowl
June  Carol Hall Embellishing with painting and pyrography
July  Dennis Fuge How to say “I love you” with a lathe
August  Jim Brown Turning a ring holder
September  Butch Ruggiero and Tom Buchner Turning small bowls for later surface embellisment
October  Jacob Weissflog Turning lidded box with separate turned base
November  Butch Ruggiero Embellishing the small bowls from the September meeting with rice, Michael Hosaluk technique
December   No demonstration






















2016 Demonstrations

January Mike Kehs Turning a Celtic Horn of Plenty
February David Ellsworth Turning a natural edge bowl and explaining details of hollow forms
March Linford Sine Demonstration of using string/threads to make decorative fills for cracks or holes in turnings.
April Bill Grumbine Shallow bowl with integral stand
May Dale Larson Discussion of bowl drying methods and turning a bowl
June Neil Brown Demonstration of turning a mult-axis lidded box
July Harry Pye Demonstration of turning an Xmas ornament
August   Last minute cancellation, no demonstration
September Sonny Jones Demonstration of home made hollowing jigs with laser
October Kevin Bedgood Demonstration of turned sculpture/art
November Stuart Batty Demonstration of use and sharpening 40/40 grind bowl gouge to minimize tearout
December   No demonstration


















2015 Demonstrations

January  Harry Pye Turning inside-out ornaments
February  Tom Buchner Turning a natural edge bowl
March Ted Sokolowski Metal spinning and project design
April  Lee Buck Embellishing by power tool carving
May  Bill Schlief Turning a plate with epoxy inlay
June  Pat Kramer Discussion of the history and making the traditional Hawaiin bowls
July  Hal Murray Using splines to fix cracks in bowls or for embellishment
August  Joan Lech Carving, texturing and painting a feather.  Turning a base for the feather
September  Rick Bryant Turning a Perfect Sphere and answering “Why would you?”
October Rob Kingham Turning a pepper mill with a Crush Grind mechanism
November  George Geissler  Turning a Trent Bosch style Vessel of Illusion
December Butch Ruggiero and Rob Kingham  Different methods to sharpen turning tools


















2014 Demonstrations

January  Bill Schleif and Butch Ruggiero Carving Techniques
February  Neil Brown How to mount work on the lathe.  Doc Greens book.
March  Rick Bryant Turning streptohedrons
April  Sonny Jones Making a segmented bowl
May  Mike Kuterbach Kitchen scoop with offset handle
June  Bill Grumbine Turning a handle with the skew chisel
July  Rob Kingham Turning a space craft – vessel inside another vessel with holes for windows
August  Joan Lech Thatch birdhouse ornament
September  Rob Kingham Turning salt shaker with contrasting wood top
October  Brad Sears  Turning unique bottle stoppers
November  Sonny Jones  Jigs for segmented turning
December  Butch Ruggiero  Turning a calabash bowl


















2013 Demonstrations

January Tom Buchner Bowl coring with the Oneway coring system
February Mike Kehs Turning surface embellishments
March Ethan Feinsol Photgraphing your work
April Doug Weidman Carving flutes demonstration
May Rick Bryant Turning a ball in a box
June Neil Brown Two part hollow form.  Top removed for access then glued back after hollowing
July  Rob Kingham Scoop for kitchen or coffee
August  No demo Battle tops meeting
September Al Parry Dying techniques
October Harry Pye Pen turning demonstration
November  Sonny Jones Shaping turnings with the router
December Tom Buchner and Butch Ruggiero Using vacuum chucks

















2012 Demonstrations

January  Barry Gross  Pen turning
February  Mike Kehs Turning a cup
March  Not known  
April  Bill Schlief  Lidded vessel
May  George Geissler Wooden scoop
June  Rob Kingham  Turning a handle with the skew chisel
July  Rob Kingham; George Geissler Four ways to turn a goblet
August  Rick Bryant Homemade hollowing jig with laser
September  Bill Grumbine  Burl turning
October  Mike Brolly  Artistic turning presentation
November  Mike Kutterbach  Thin wall bowl turning
December  Brad Sears  Wood turning as a career















2011 Demonstrations

January Brad Sears Turning a goblet
February  Bill Grumbine  Turning bowl with flat square rim
March  Neil Brown  Turning a rolling pin
April  Rick Bryant  Turning a hollow bowl
May  Not known  
June  Rob Kingham  Split bowl demonstration
July  Not known  
August  Not known  
September  Bill Schlief  Burning and texturing
October  Not known  
November  Not known  Turning a baseball bat
December  Not known  














Previous years not known.