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2012 – September Meeting


Meeting Reports:

Rob Kingham (newly elected president) started meeting. 

Membership- 72 active members.

Library- nothing new.


Meeting Announcements:

Raffle items announced. 

Ed Youtz proposes  interested members consider a proposal to ease the passing along of your tools and workshop items. Don’t let your spouse be left with job of trying to pass on these items. 

Tom Buchner announced next demo at Tom’s shop on Oct 13. Liam O’Neal will demonstrate. Sign up with Tom. 

Rob Kingham unanimously elected for two year term as president. Thanks to Bill Schlief for a good job over the past two year. A new VP will be appointed by the Board.

If you have an item to sell, you can add to the website on your own. If you have problems, contact Steve Reppert, send him an e-mail of the item to sell and he will add to the site.


Perpetual Turning:

Dennis Rozak’s bowl was won by Sean Carson. Sean will present his work for the raffle at the October meeting. 


Perpetual turning made by Dennis Rozak and won by Sean Carson

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Bill Grumbine demonstrates burl turning.




Show and Tell: