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2012 – October Meeting


Meeting Reports:


Meeting Announcements:

We welcomed 3 new guests to this meeting. 

Harry Pye again requested donated tops for a good cause.

Harry also reminded members of the pen turning event at the Woodcraft store on Nov 9&10. Come out and help turn pens for our troops.

Ed Youtz mentioned the raffle items. Ed also renamed the project to help any spouses of deceased members to pass on woodturning equipment. Will now be known as “Old Turners Society”. There will be a get together of turners and spouses the weekend before Super Bowl for those who have signed up to participate in this worthy endeavour.

Joan Lech introduced one new item to library. Dale Nish’s book on Christmas ornaments. Very timely.


Perpetual Turning:

The perpetual bowl was won by Dave Gibson’s son. Hope he can turn a nice bowl for next meeting. 



 Demonstration is a presentation by Mike Brolly on artistic turning.




Show and Tell: