Past Meetings


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Past Demonstration Summary





Rick Bryant’s – Hollowing Rig Plans ( Hollowing-Rig.pdf )


Turning a Natural Edged Winged Bowl – ( Winged_Bowl.pdf )


Making a Plate – ( Plate.pdf )


Finial Live Center – ( Finial_Live_Center.pdf )


Kitchen scoop with offset handle – (Mike_Kuterbach_Kitchen_scoop_with_offset_handle.pdf)


Thatch Birdhouse Ornament – (Joan_Lech_Thatch_Birdhouse_Ornament.pdf )


Perpetual turning in Nov 2014 meeting was a sphere turned by Rick Bryant. Useful article showing ways to turn spheres without special jigs.

Turning Spheres


Making a Steady Rest – (Making_a_Steady_Rest)


Making a Hollow Form Jam Chuck – (Making_a_hollow_form_jam_chuck)


Buying or making wood burning pen and power supply – (Getting started with wood burning)


Turning an inside-outside ornament – (Harry_Pye_Inside-Outside_Ornament_Instructions.pdf)


Tips for selecting wood to use for a natural edge bowl – (Tom Buchner Natural Edge Bowl)



Bill Schliefs inlayed plate with epoxy resin – (Turning_platter_with_epoxy_inlay.pdf)



Hal Murrays Hidden bowl in a log – (Hidden_Bowl_in_Log-Hal_Murray_Project.pdf)



Rick Bryant Turning the Perfect Sphere – (Turning_the_Perfect_Sphere.pdf )



Dave Paine replacing the bearings in a OneWay Live Center – (OneWay_live_center_bearing_replacement.pdf)



Dave Paine turning an upside down salt shaker – (Turning_an_upside_down_salt_shaker.pdf)



Duane Gemelke turned sculptures.  Duane is a member of the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild.  These are very interesting and artsy projects – (Dec-Jan 2008 Newsletter)  other examples in this blog – (Gerds 2007 Shopnotes)



Woodcraft instructions for making a pepper mill with a Crush-Grind shafted mechanism – (Woodcraft_Crush_Grind_pepper_mill_with_shaft_instructions.pdf)