Past Meetings


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Past Demonstration Summary



2016 – July Meeting


Meeting Reports:

Rob on vacation so Rick ran the meeting in the future


Rick reminded everyone to join the AAW.



Meeting Announcements:

Harry Pye collected display items for the Parkland Library.


Rick stated MAWA is still looking for volunteers.

Andy Beal looking for help to move the wood blanks which will be donated for the symposium.

MAWA will start out to be every other year.  Presently spending time organizing this years event.  They would also need to start booking a location and demonstrators for 2017 if they tried to have the symposium every year. 


Perpetual Turning:

Taking a break.




Many thanks to Harry Pye stepping in to demonstrate at short notice due to scheduled demonstrator being out of town.  Harry demonstrated making an Xmas ornament.

Two styles, one with through holes bored so see-through design.  The other with shallow dimples e.g. bull nose router bit.  The dimples can be dyed or painted.  Harry turned the through hole style.  The blank was drilled before the demo to save time. 



Show and Tell: