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Past Demonstration Summary



2017 – May Meeting


Meeting Reports:

Andy Beal reports 55 paid up members.


Jim Brown is posting the meeting schedule on LVW Facebook page.  A quick show of hands indicates a small percentage of the attendees use Facebook.


Meeting Announcements:

Only 1 person has told Jim Brown they are interested in a visit to the Center for Arts in Wood in Philadelphia.  A number of attendees expressed interest in the meeting.


Reminder of the AAW Symposium in Kansas City in June.


Reminder of special $30 AAW membership for first-time members good until 30 June.


AAW now officially has a policy which bans Lichenburg burning aka Fractal burning at AAW site, demonstrations or Chapter demonstrations.   This is due to a persons death while demonstrator the technique.


MAWA symposium in Lancaster Oct 28-29.  Same location as last year.  Price is $180 for both days.


Jon Harrington shop sale July 15. 


Perpetual Turning:

Sean Carson small walnut lidded box won by Rob Kingham.




Sonny Jones demonstrated making a segmented bowl with a “vortex” design where each ring is rotated in the stack to provide the interesting “vortex” effect.  Sonny showed many examples and explained how to plan the rings to minimize waste.  This can also be a good way to consume some offcuts.


No pictures at this time. 


Show and Tell:

No pictures at this time.