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Past Demonstration Summary



2016 – January Meeting


Meeting Reports:

Rob reminded everyone to join the AAW, also the start of a new year so the membership dues to be paid to Jim Brown or Len Salines.



Meeting Announcements:

Tylersport show will be held March 4, 5 and 6.


MAWA still looking for volunteers.  Give your name to Rick Bryant if interested.  MAWA site has enabled online sign-up for the symposium.  The more folks who sign up early, the more vendors will commit.  Looking for 350 attendees.  May cut-off attendees at this point.


Let Rick know if you want a club T shirt, also whether short or long sleeve and size.  Cost is $15. 


Perpetual Turning:

The Perpetual Turning will be postponed for a few months.




Mike Kehs gave a lively and interesting demonstration on turning a Celtic Horn of Plenty, also called a Celtic Drinking Horn.


In the demonstration Mike used an Andre Martel hook tool.  Link added to Sources and Supply page, also below. 

Andre Martel site


Mike commented on the need to feel the inside with our fingers only since we cannot easily see the interior details and ripples, bumps or ridges.  Ethan Feinsol was able to advise there is a term for this  stereo agenesis.  Attendees learned something new.




Show and Tell: