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Past Demonstration Summary



2016 – November Meeting


Meeting Reports:

Jim opened his first meeting as President.


A few visitors.



Meeting Announcements:

Club dues for 2017 still $20.  Submit to Les Salines or Andy Beal.


Jim sent around list for members to check email IDs.  Jim wants the Member List to be updated with correct emails for meeting notices etc.


Jim asked for volunteer to take pictures at club meetings.  Involves some time to edit images and upload to a new Gallery.


Lehigh Valley bug problems with wood, spotted lantern fly and ash borer.


Jim asked for suggestions for future meeting demonstration topics.


December meeting Show-and-Tell will be the annual gift exchange.  Items must be wrapped in a small brown bag.


Question about avoiding burning when buffing item finished with lacquer.  Consensus was to ensure the laquer is cured, takes several days, then careful buffing to minimize heat.


Question on finish for charred root ball.  Suggestion was a lacquer type of finish.  Cheapest lacquer for this use is hair spray. 


Perpetual Turning:

Taking a break.




Stuart Batty demonstrated how to minimize tearout by using a bowl gouge with 40/40grind .  Stuart also showed how to grind a bowl gouge to these angles.  The grind does require practice to master, but worth the time to learn. 

Stuart was able to get very smooth results with his ash samples.  Very impressive.


Stuart has created a series of in-depth videos on wood turning.  Scroll down in the “How To Videos page” for the link.

How-To-Videos page. 


Show and Tell:

No Show-and-Tell for this meeting.