Past Meetings


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Past Demonstration Summary



2014 – August Meeting


Meeting Reports:

Nothing to report.



Meeting Announcements:


Robs usual reminder to join the AAW.


Nominations for officer elections.  All were seconded.

Rob Kingham for President.

George Geissler for President.

Rick Bryant for Vise President.

Len Salines for Treasurer.


Reminder about the Riverside Festival of the Arts held on the river side in Easton, Sept 20 and 21.  Hal Murray, rick Bryant and Rob Kingham should have some things on display.


Riverside Festival of the Arts website


The Regional Symposium held its first organizing meeting.  Andy Beal is on the committee.  First consideration is to look for a venue, likely in the Lancaster area.

A question was asked if AAW had yet reached out to local clubs for volunteers for the 2015 annual symposium in PIttsburgh.  No individual contact, but AAW has a section on its web page to sign up as Volunteer.  Have to scroll down the page in this link.


AAW 2015 Symposiun Volunteer sign up web page


Rob wanted to let everyone know PA dept of Agriculture has an official restriction on the movement of black walnut due to a disease the trees may carry called “Thousand Cankers Disease”.  See PA web site for the details.


PA Delt of Agriculture page about Thousand Cankers Disease


Perpetual Turning:

Made by Sean Carson.  Butch Ruggiero won in the raffle.




Demonstration by Joan Lech.  Making a thatch birdhouse ornament.  See Projects page for PDF instructions.




Show and Tell: